Rocky - Male, early 20's- Known as the "church boy", patient, but stern with the adversary.

Snooze - Male, early 20's, (dancer and actor) - lazy, non-chalant, all about fun that doesn't require work

Cruz - Male, early 20's (dancer and actor) - close to his friend Snooze.  Thinks he is a ladies man

Angela - Female, early 20's (actress and singer) - a friend of Rocky's. Saved and won't play.

Stormie - Female, early 20's (actress, singer & dancer) - Friend of Rocky and Snooze.  Loves to party and "Sugar Daddys"


Carousel - Female, early 20's (actress, dancer & singer)- Stormie's best friend.  They party together.  She has her limits but is very supportive of Stormie.

Mr. Dickens - Male 40's and up

(actor and dancer) - the typical "bottom line" big-money property developer by any dirty means necessary.

Man - 40 and up (actor) - brings the news of those who are losing property.

C.T. Hall - 40 and up (actor & dancer)- Represents City Hall and is in cohoots with Mr. Dickens


5 - 10 dancers and/or singers

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