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Living Parables is one of four foundational pillars of Born Again Church.  It was birthed out of Bishop Horace E. Hockett’s vision over 40 years ago to evangelize through dramatic arts.  Over the years, the arts have been central elements of ministering the Word of God at Born Again Church, and a unique and effective form of outreach-making the Word plain. 

Theater arts covers more than just acting and Living Parables takes every opportunity to incorporate all art forms - not just for evangelism - but to allow many talented participants an opportunity to use their talents in ministry.  Every art form has a place in our productions...


The power of becoming someone else to convince an audience of real life situations in imaginary circumstances is the essence of drama.  We not only produce dramatic shows but train and encourage application of His word to participants in the process.


What an incredible art form of movement that moves the audience as well as the dancer.  Dance!  We recognize how engaging a story, song or poetry can be when dance is incorporated.


A story put to music can enhance the depth and emotion of the moment in a scene.  We love to use music in every production.  There is something about it that helps to maintain memory of a transformational moment. 


Color, lines, shadows and foundation bring detailed depth to the characters in our productions.  It is one of several ways to finalize and fine-tune our actors in their dramatic or comical roles.


Lighting, audio and set design bring the overall visual and audio enhancements of the story. We recognize the importance of the unique details of sound effects, lighting and more, to help bring the stories in our productions to life. 

The set design and construction creates a masterpiece of visual art. Since the beginning of Living Parables, sets have played a significant role in presenting the caliber of plays that best represents the Creator of the arts.
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