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Born Again Church

858 West Trinity Lane

Nashville, TN 37207

Age Limit - (Pending Show)

1. Arrive on time, please!  Auditions including completing contact and general information prior to entering the audition room.

2. You will be expected to present a 1 minute MEMORIZED monologue before the director and production crew.  If you can sing, please be prepared to present a song most comfortable for your range.

3. If you have dance experience, please bring a prepared 1 minute dance presentation with the music available on your phone, tablet, etc.

4. Child care is NOT available for auditions.  Please make arrangements with a family member, friend or agency prior to your audition.  Artists need to be able to focus and deliver their best presentation without split focused concern for their children.  In addition, we value the full attention that children need from their parents or responsible adult.

5. There is a possibility we may have CALL BACKS to make a final decision on the cast the following Tuesday or Thursday of the audition dates depending  on weather conditions.


Any further questions, please go to the contact page for Dept. Head Crystal Joy 



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  • 1. See the details for the audition

    You need to check out the requirements of the sample performance very carefully. This is done because they might require resumes, a certain kind of outfit, head shots or a comprehension of the kind of film or play being cast. Remember to take everything with you that they might ask for, and make sure you ask the casting people or your agent if you can’t comprehend a need.

  • 2  Have a speech ready for the audition

    It is very important that you prepare a monologue from a movie or a play that is just like the one you are giving the sample performance for. You can customize it to the character you are enacting. If it is available, acquire a copy of the play or script for yourself and choose a scene that you can perform well. Learn the scene by heart before the performance and try not to make yourself dependent on the script alone as the director might ask you to do another scene. Moreover, the casting people can also want you to display completely opposite set of feelings for the scene. In that case, you have to be ready and prepared to adjust to the new settings and convince them that you are the man for the job.

  • 3. Be punctual

    Go before time to the audition to complete any forms and try out some warm up exercises you need. This way, you will be prepared to act whenever they ask you to give the performance by calling your name. Furthermore, you will not get nervous this way. Lastly, it is advisable to listen to the tips of the casting director to other actors.


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